Since learning is unique, LCPL develops and delivers customized training solutions. Our comprehensive learning solutions enable our customers to maximize employee performance and increase the return on their investments.

Differing learning styles, training goals, and budgets demand a combination of instructor-led and self-paced learning, offered through a menu of distinctive delivery options. LCPL's premium content and expert instruction are delivered at your company in a workshop environment. We can develop a custom approach that best meets your organization's needs, no matter who your learners are - be it your Office Assistant or your Vice-President.

Training Methodology:
Customized Workshops are unique in that they are designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the audience. Liberation Coaches adopts the following methodology to ensure that all examples and case studies discussed during the training program closely relate to the participant’s day to day work and personal life:

  • Organizational Profiling
  • Industry Profiling
  • One-to-one meetings with sample audience
  • Audience Profiling
  • Customization of Module
  • Program & Trainer Approval
  • Delivery
  • Action Planning
  • Feedback
  • Monitoring

Training Methods adopted include:
  • Case Studies
  • Presentations
  • Experiential Learning activities
  • Games
  • Questionnaires
  • Debates
  • Discussions
  • Role Plays
  • Group Activities
  • Appreciative Inquiry

The Audience for these Workshops and Training Programs are:
  • Leaders / Directors of the organization
  • Senior / Top Management-Vice-Presidents, General Managers
  • Middle Management
  • Junior management.
  • Executives & Field Force
  • Assistants
  • Semi-Skilled Labour
  • Unskilled Labour

Our workshops offer relevant and implementation-focused in-house training programs.

The Audience for these Workshops and Training Programs are:

  • Leaders / Directors of the organization
  • Senior / Top Management - Vice-Presidents, General Managers
  • Middle Management and junior management.

Some of the Training Programs that Liberation Coaches has conducted in the past include…

A Communication Skills
A1 Telephone Handling Skills
A2 Presentation / Public Speaking
A3 Written Communication
A4 Assertive Communication
A5 Body Language
B Leadership
B1 Delegation Skills
B2 Decision-Mkg & Problem Slvng
B3 Conflict Management Skills
B4 Situational Leadership
B5 Envisioning & Goal Setting
C Discipline
C1 Time-Management
C2 Self-discipline
C3 Reporting & Monitoring
C4 Emotional Balance
D Productivity Management
D1 Creativity
D2 Task Management
D3 Documentation Management
D4 Budgeting & Forecasting
F Technology
F1 PowerPoint
F2 Advanced Use of Technology
F3 Breakdown Management
F4 Computerization & Documentation

The above training programs are further customized to suit organizational requirements. We have a team of consultants who develop new and relevant training content for organizations on a continuous basis.