The first thing that comes to our mind as a parent is the career of our children. Let us not play blame game with our child’s future. We feed them, educate them, and teach them life lessons so that they are able to build a bright future for themselves. No parent would want their child to become somebody unsuccessful in life. A proper career is the shoulder over which a person or a child builds his future.

Fundamentally, our education methodology is designed in such a way that we think we are making Einsteins and Newtons of tomorrow. That may not be the case with everybody. All of them are not good academically. You see failures all over the world, people who have been excellent academically. This is true because the world doesn’t have the effort and time to spend on them. The right career must be practical and lucrative. To be good at something you need to focus on something. This focus is what a career gives you. There’re doctors, software engineers, teachers, industrialist, designers, lawyers so much in number that they are difficult to count. There are so many failures in these professions just because the individual had selected the wrong profession, a profession he doesn’t like or as if he was forced to do it.

We as counselors request you to not spoil your child’s future just because your neighbor is a doctor, doesn’t mean that you too have to make him a doctor. Ask him what he wants to become. Support him, and he will one day thank you that you were serious about his/her profession.

Liberation Coaches has counseled many such parents and their adolescents who after their XIIth and Graduate have found themselves in confusion. Pushing them to the wrong profession is not the way to go. Today, there are many professions like journalists, MBAs, designers, painters, architects which were very few during our days. There are many opportunities now because our country is growing at a fast pace. Your child has the potential to become a great citizen and live a lovely life. If this is what you want for your child then come to us we will guide him. We have experience in empowering youngsters to take rational decisions for their future. We wish that your child learns how to manage his life and his career with our guidance and expertise.