Is your internal customer happy? Many organizations forget the aspect of taking inputs from all he employees and understand the hidden truths within their organization. This survey helps in developing a stronger sense of loyalty among them.

Employee satisfaction surveys help in realigning the company’s policies, sales broadcast ensuring better synchronization between all employees as a result growth of the organization.Liberation Coaches understands the objective of conducting a employee satisfaction survey , generates customized report with analysis and feedback which help the senior management in taking strategic decisions for the organization.

We know the value of a happy and a satisfied employee. The manager can work best only when the department has productive and satisfied employees. For this purpose we take employee satisfaction survey, which demands that the organization takes views from its employees about how satisfied they are with the job. The work doesn’t end there. There are certain management decisions that need to be taken to solve this problem. It is sure that not many employees are satisfied with the kind of salary and incentives they get. Not only salaries, people may not be happy with their supervisors, or they may be unhappy with the work they are doing. They may also be unsatisfied with the working condition. All these aspects are covered in employee satisfaction survey.

Once the survey is done, then it is the management’s responsibility to take appropriate decisions to suit the needs of the company. These decisions should be precious not only to the employee but also the organization. We must find a suitable place for the employee so that such grievances don’t occur to him in the future.

There are many troubleshooting methods on how we can solve these problems. Our expertise in HR helps us in solving miniscule but vital problems like these. If you feel your employees are unsatisfied then it becomes your first responsibility to not take it lightly but to give them a proper chance on how to flourish and do well for himself and the company. Such third party interventions are highly recommended in such circumstances. We provide a good input to the Director and its team about the climate within the organization.

Liberation Coaches has done many surveys not only separately but also as a part of the HR Consultancy process in many SME’s in and outside the city.