The main objectives of any HR Process are:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Payroll, Compensation and Incentives
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management Systems

Liberation Coaches has implemented excellent HR Processes and systems in many organizations. We have always known that the purpose of any HR System is productivity and happy employees. This clarity of purpose has helped us conduct the process and fulfill the objectives of our client’s company. We have worked diligently with the Management teams of many companies in the medium and small scale sectors and helped them get into better relationship with their employees.

We have recruited many people and put them in places of importance for the organization so that they could flourish with the company they are working with. Many of our clients are very happy of the kinds of selection of candidates we have done. We take into account the culture of the organization, the compatibility of the superior with the new comer. Our induction programme has helped the incumbent become one with the company and the company’s values.

We have also set incentive plans for sales team who bring revenue to the company. These incentive plan design and execution has been fair and not in contradiction to the company’s values and business goals.

HR Consultancy would be incomplete without Performance Management System. Performance Management System is a highly effective tool in clarifying goals and objectives of the company and they play a vital role in deciding an individual’s growth within the organization. We conduct PMS, as it is called, with individuals and their superiors on a one to one basis to rate them on various aspects of business performance and help them achieve both organizational goals and individual goals. This system has facilitated many individuals and they have also trusted the organization about the fair and transparent discussion.