Organization Development is both a response to change and an educational strategy intended to change beliefs, attitudes, values, and organization structure-all directed toward making the organization better able to respond to changing environmental demands.

At Liberation Coaches, organization Development is an initiative which :

  • includes a multitude of planned interventions
  • uses behavioral-science knowledge
  • improves the processes of an organization
  • effects every level of the organization
  • is managed and led from the top
  • It increases organization effectiveness and health

Organization Development Projects focus on Diagnosing Organizations, Designing Relevant Interventions, Implementation, Review and Feedback.

These Interventions also include:

  • Shared / Super Ordinate Goals of the Organization
  • Strategy Development and Management
  • Skills Analysis and Training
  • Staff Assessment and Recruitment
  • System Design and Implementation
  • Structural Designing and Re-designing
  • Style of Management

Organization Development projects are for a minimum time frame of one year and help in setting up right systems processes and ultimately results.