We all know that being a parent was never easy. But it is more so today, when children expect their parents to be qualified not just academically, but at levels that were previously unheard of…

This counseling on Parent Child Relationship is a stepping stone to build a lifelong relationship together. We intend to close the generation gap and certain set paradigms that the mother or father need to break open before forming relationship with their kid. Parents also need guidance like children so that they both can synergistically enter the new future that they both have invested. The 21st century child needs a special treatment different from what our parents gave us. However one must not forget that relationships are not like swallowing a magic pill, but they have to be groomed, nurtured like any other thing in this world.

The parent child relationship counseling aims at behavioral tools manage emotional quotient of both the child and the parents. It is also used to make the parent more world savvy and impart some valuable lessons of life.