At Liberation Coaches, we have helped organizations not just to manage their business but also increase their turnover year by year through our effective sales techniques and processes. Ultimately it is numbers that help any organization grow to the next level.

Objectives of the Training :

  • To sensitize the participants about the difference in 'telling' and 'selling'
  • To energize the participants to make a shift from 'telling' to 'selling'
  • To energize the participants to focus on outcome rather than mere efforts
  • To teach them the fundamentals of selling and the effective ways to utilize the same in the market
  • To develop the ability to identify consumer needs and focus on need-based selling
  • To identify the decision making unit (DMU) and to appeal to all the decision makers
  • To develop powerful objection handling skills and sharpen the negotiation skills
  • To develop the art of meaningful conversations
  • To learn to create a ‘memorable’ experience

Our Approach

  • Pre Training – Customization of the Module as per the client requirements, understanding the challenges faced by the sales team and defining industry specific case studies
  • Training- Ice Breaking , Myths about sales and discussing different sales approach relevant to the client industry
  • Post Training- Reviewing Sales Process & Techniques, Challenges Faced and Solutions to overcome the challenges
  • Evaluating Results- Measuring Sales Performance of the Individual Employees and organization as whole , understanding whether the training objectives have been achieved


  • Energized Team
  • Increased Sales
  • Confident & Efficient Sales Force
  • Result Oriented Team & Focused Approach
And much more...