Liberation Coaches team is proud about its achievements in different areas of SME Consultancy. We have worked with many organizations, especially Small Scale and Medium Scale Enterprises in this field. We have not only seen them grow but facilitated them with our expertise and helped them reach great heights. Our success stories are very important to us and at the same time we also believe they are far more important to our clients.

The core of Liberation Coaches is guiding the companies to move on to the next level of competence and growth. Our companies have grown leaps and bounds and this has made us proud. We have also grown with them and learnt many things about organizational dynamics. We have seen both tough times and good times during the course of our making the company self independent. Many of our clients have continued to work with us for years because we understood their needs and catered to what the market demanded from them during the course of our consultancy.

Our main SME Consultancy included things like Organizational Development, HR Consultancy, Process Consultancy, Setting objectives for Managers, Conducting training programmes so that the employees and the Owners are ready for facing the market forces. We have always been applauded by our clients for being with them during good times and hard times. We have been proactive in understanding the needs and facilitated small and medium scale companies to corporate way of working. We have also helped them in streamlining their systems and processes that are only to be seen in Corporate companies. Our directors have wide experience about the operation at ground level and how people perceive management decisions.

SME Consultancy is the heart of our business and the value addition that we provide our clients is highly applauded. This not only makes us feel happy but also our learning experience has been phenomenal.

As we see more and more entrepreneurs, we are associating newer markets in SME consultancy where we can use our knowledge and skills in helping more entrepreneurs lead their companies better and raise a productive and a happy organization.