Company A (Name Confidential)

Project Integra

  • Rigid mindset of Senior Managers leading to intra-team conflicts.
  • Lack of self-awareness on part of the top managers resulting in lack of self-developmental actions for the future.
  • High degree of ambition in all the top leaders including Director of the organization, not supported by clearly written down action plans.
  • Lack of data regarding the competence of the senior managers leading to the inability to choose the future leader.
  • Strong desire for power leading to high political-orientation rather than performance-orientation.

Activities by Liberation Coaches:

  • Launch of a two-day assessment center to test the senior management team on their competencies.
  • Inclusion of psychometric tests to study traits and motives including leadership, team spirit, loyalty, honesty and commitment.
  • Inclusion of IQ tests to judge intelligence quotient.
  • Inclusion of case studies to judge decision making abilities and analytical skills.
  • Inclusion of simulation exercises to judge execution abilities and response to stress.
  • Inclusion of debates and group discussions to judge assertiveness, public speaking and listening skills.
  • Analysis of films to judge memory and learning capabilities.
  • Individual tasks, group activities and physical games to test physical endurance.
  • Business plan exercise to judge planning and forecasting abilities.
  • Generation of reports separately for every individual.

The Assessment centre has helped senior management zero down on two senior level managers who can be groomed into future leaders. The reports have clearly stated their respective strengths and weaknesses and their performance on the various vital competencies. The report also contains a detailed analysis of the personalities, what can be expected and the limitations each individual has. The most valuable part of the report is the development plan of each individual based on his performance on the various competencies. All the senior managers have welcomed the report with excitement and enthusiasm and have already started working on their respective development plans.

Company B

Customized Training Workshop.

Case History:
Mr. ABC is a worried Training Head of the organization . One of the training workshops on Team Work conducted annually by the company for all junior and middle level professionals is not yielding desired results since the past three years. The post-training analysis clearly shows that the training objectives are not met. The participants find the discussions too theoretical and impractical to implement. The workshop content and flow hasn't created enough excitement in participants. The average rating given by the participants to the trainers hasn't gone beyond a grade point of 3 on a scale of 5. The Departmental Heads have now started avoiding nominating people from their teams inspite of it being a part of the vital competencies.


  • Poor conceptualization of the workshop
  • Lack of customization of the training module
  • Lack of relevant examples, case studies and training tools
  • Lack of interaction by the trainers
  • Poor flow of workshop resulting in lack of participation by the audience
  • Low impact opening and low impact closing of the workshop resulting in poor recall

Activities by Liberation Coaches:

  • Meetings with top management, departmental heads and field visits for better conceptualization of the workshop.
  • Designing of a new training module consisting of relevant examples, case studies, film clippings, psychometric tests etc.
  • Inclusion of several team games to emphasize the various aspects of team work.
  • Inclusion of outdoor games and activities to enhance audience participation.
  • Distribution of awards to all members of those teams that win in the team games.
  • Creation of pragmatic action plans by the participants.
  • Adoption of the interactive facilitation pedagogy rather than the one-way training mode by Liberation Coaches facilitators.
  • Distribution of specially created team-work posters and banners to all participants.
  • High impact opening and high impact closing resulting in higher positive recall.

About 30 workshops later and after having received fascinating feedback from more than 900 trainees, Mr.ABC is a happy man. The new workshop flow has ensured that the participants are alert and participative throughout the day. Each activity is designed to meet a particular objective and more than 96% participants have responded that the workshop met their learning objectives. There is enough room for interaction with the inclusion of relevant examples, case studies and film clippings. All workshops have witnessed 100% participation from the participants. It is because of this that, Liberation Coaches facilitators have consistently scored an average of 4.6 on the scale of 5. The company intranet is full of messages recommending the workshop to colleagues. The changed format of the workshop has also received a thumbs up from all the departmental heads as well who have now requested that the workshop be conducted for the senior level teams as well. It's amazing to see hundreds of employees pinning the team-work posters at their desks and executing their self-drafted action plans.

Company C

Title of Association: Project Vijay

Case History:
Mr. XYZ and Mr.ASF are the Directors of , a machine manufacturing company founded by their father . Under the able leadership of their father , they had created a niche for the company in the machineries market. Their machine lines are used by leading pharmaceutical companies in India as well as in several countries across the globe. However, after their father's untimely demise in 2006, the brothers found themselves in need of strategic guidance. This is where they found Liberation Coaches.

They have ambitious growth plans but daily operational issues leave them with no time to think of the future. People work hard and are committed, but have tremendous apathy towards quality and processes. Hence, every client and every vendor depends on the brothers for even the most insignificant responses. Purchases, stocks and inventory management have several irregularities. Key team members are not clear about performance parameters and hence are not able to contribute to the best of their ability. The existing system of performance appraisals takes away a lot of productive time of the Directors and doesn't seem to be inspiring the employees. Power struggle at the level of senior managers is crippling the organization.


  • Operational inefficiencies resulting in delays in production
  • Poor purchases management and inventory management resulting in increased costs of production
  • Absence of a dedicated Administration and HRM department
  • Absence of a dedicated Customer Service department
  • Lack of accountability at managerial levels owing to the 'happy family' culture
  • Non-standard products creating challenges in every stage of production

Interventions by Liberation Coaches:
1. Definition of key result areas of all employees across all levels including the Directors
2. Stringent documentation audits in the areas of purchases, stocks and inventory management
3. Stringent performance reviews every month of the managers of all departments
4. Development of standard processes for all areas of Human Resources Management
5. Organization-wide planning exercise resulting in clarity of the future to the Directors as well as all employees
6. Capability development of the managerial team with special focus on leadership, conflicts management, key accounts management and negotiation skills
7. Staff empowerment through one-to-one mentoring programs at the factory as well as the office
8. One-to-one coaching sessions with Senior Management to enhance leadership abilities
9. Standardized list of products and offerings resulting in standard orders and standard methodologies of production

The Organization today gets two times more out of the same team and is also able to give back more to the team. A separate customer service department has been set up to independently handle customer queries and complaints that thus considerably improving client satisfaction at every stage of the sales process. Employee morale is at an all-time high because of the new performance appraisal policies and the mentoring program. The future plan created by the Directors along with Liberation Coaches has brought in excitement and a sense of purpose in every department. The company has purchased an ERP system and each department is now learning to implement it with the help of Liberation Coaches. The standardized list of products has immensely simplified the production process and multiplied the speed of production as well. Relations amongst the senior managers have improved and the power struggles have given way to team-work.