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Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be 4 benefits

Business Guidance
Enhanced leadership
Personal development
Team empowerment

Our Top Coaching services

Take the next-step with professional coaching

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    Creation of Organizational Vision Document

    Capturing of the Vision and Goals of the founders and Directors and ensuring that the entire organization is channelizing its energies towards implementation of the same.

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    Strategic Organizational Blue Print

    A powerful and result-oriented, at the same time practical strategy is drafted for the entire organization to overcome the current challenges and to leverage the opportunities.

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    Organizational Goal Setting

    Formulating and Recording how the Directors/top management look at the organization’s future and how they intend to bring that future into reality.

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    Competency Mapping

    Identifying and developing key competencies and behaviours that are essential for a running a successful business

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    Empowerment Coaching of Directors

    Includes of Business Coaching for Specific Needs (BCS), Business Coaching for Growth (BCG), Business Coaching for Multiplication (BCM), Life Balance Coaching, Family Coaching and Leadership Development

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    Succession Planning

    A strategic, systematic, and planned process to ensure smooth handing over of business and delegation of leadership responsibilities

Our Coaching Process

The specially curated, simple process of collaboration

  • Business Guidance
    Psychometric evaluation and case study to assess the personality and leadership style.
  • Goal setting
    Setting measurable and specific short-term, intermediate and long-term goals and providing regular strategic guidance.
  • Execution
    Monthly and quarterly reviews with top business coaches to track progress and overcome current obstacles
  • Post-assessment
    Evaluating the performance of the coaches to identify improvements.

Why choose us?

Scientific model
Our executive coaching and business coaching is based on systematic models to give proven results.
Worldwide reach
Through professional coaching, we have changed the lives of multiple domestic and international business owners.
Multi-industry expertise
Our business coaches have worked with over 50+ industries.
All coaching programs are personalized to the goals, values and expectations of the individuals.


Don’t worry, we have answers

What is the aim of business coaching services?

Steering positive and systematic transformation is the aim of business coaching services. Businesses use it to achieve strategic objectives and team-building, enhance leadership capability, and create culture change. Business coaching is a collaborative partnership between a trained coach and a business professional or team.
Why Should I Hire A Business Coach?

Hiring a professional business coach will help in defining goals and objectives for your organization. A business coach will find new ideas, introduce you to valuable resources, and help you in shaping at a strategic level. This way a company can shape its overall goals for the future. If you want to scale your business and accelerate your business development, hiring business coaching services should be your priority.
What Skills Are Taught Through Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching boosts your confidence, improves work performance, builds effective communication skills, team building, managing conflicts, and makes you an active listener. This process benefits individuals on a personal level and will be beneficial for the organization in the long run.
What Are the Benefits of Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching improves self-awareness, identifies blind spots of personal performance, and phases out old habits then it is a highly effective way. Leadership coaching will help individuals improve team dynamics, identify growth opportunities, fine-tune a growth mindset, unlock true potential, and perform at their best in any situation.
What Are the Different Types of Leadership Coaching?

There are five types of leadership coaching: Targeted behavioural coaching, Team/group coaching, One-on-one coaching, and Executive Coaching. Each type has its own focus, such as altering specific behaviours, team training, personalized coaching for individuals, and developing leadership qualities in executives.
How Do I Know If It Is the Right Time for Me To Be Coached?

The right time is when you’re ready for growth and change in your life. You won't see the benefits if you're not prepared to make the changes that are required or if you're not willing to put in the necessary time and effort. If you are facing issues like conflicts, stress issues, low productivity, not being efficient while working, and much more. With the correct attitude and a coach you feel comfortable being completely honest and open with, professional coaching can be a transformative experience with many advantages.
How Will I Know If a Leadership Coach Is the Right Coach for Me?

A leadership coach with a degree in business and, ideally, experience in the field is the right coach. Liberation Coaches have experience of more than 15 years and have trained over 1000+ businesses. A competent coach has real-world experience working with actual executives in real businesses, and they can offer references and customer testimonials attesting to their knowledge and effectiveness.
What goals can executive coaching help me achieve?

Enhancing emotional intelligence via executive coaching may improve one's ability to resolve conflicts, build stronger professional and interpersonal connections, and become a better leader all around. Liberation Coaches will help in building effective conflict management strategies. To steer the business towards its objectives, leaders need to possess a strategic viewpoint.
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