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Our Top Training programs

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    Managerial Effectiveness

    It addresses all the components of the transition from ‘being Managed to becoming a Manager’. This Training program provides you with Self-assessment instruments for managerial effectiveness and discusses various competence models to build Managerial Leadership

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    Negotiation Skills

    A program that helps with Self-awareness and assessment of your Negotiation Style. It also teaches the key Concepts of Negotiation and covers all areas from Preparation to Managing Deadlocks, using methods like Real life Case studies and Functional role plays.

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    Advanced Leadership

    A signature program that has been rolled out in modified forms to Leaders from every walk of life – Senior Police Officers, Public Company Senior Teams, Corporate Top Management Teams, CEOs and SME Leaders.

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    Leadership excellence

    The Program captures the finest aspects of Leadership and enables each person to identify the “Leader Within”. It surprises and delights the participants by breaking the MYTH that “Leaders Have to Be Charismatic”.

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    5 Break Free truths

    5 Break Free Truths is a Signature Program of Liberation Coaches, with also a book published under the same name that truly captures the deepest fears and frustrations of people and empowers them to face life.

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    Sales Effectiveness Training

    A program that provides you with systematic tools and processes that will help YOU navigate your way through the challenging and unpredictable world of Sales. This session builds a bridge between your organization’s sales strategies and your life goals.

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    Conflict Management

    This workshop talks about the various styles of conflict management and provides scientific models for immediate resolution of conflict. This is delivered using Practical activities and role plays.

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    Employee Fast Track

    Customised training programs to increase productivity and upskill the team members in various aspects.

Decoding Training

The specially curated, simple process of collaboration

  • Pre-preparation
    Rigorous industry, organisation and audience profiling through one-on-one meetings
  • Module development
    Allotting a trainer and customization of the training module as per the audience and values of the company
  • Execution
    Delivering the session, creating an action plan and monitoring participation.
  • Feedback
    Taking feedback from the participants and other involved stakeholders.

Why choose us?

Industry experts
Our sessions are delivered by the top corporate trainers of India
Customized programs
All training programs are tailored to the needs and expectations of the audience
Interactive sessions
Our sessions are designed to maximise learning through experiential learning
Proven results
Our training programs are made with proven scientific methods to enhance skills and development


Don’t worry, we have answers

What Is Corporate Training?

Corporate training includes educating and developing employees' skills within organizations. It involves indulging employees to improve knowledge, learnings, and skills which directly help in enhancing their productivity, performance, and efficiency, contributing more to the company’s overall growth.
Why Is Corporate Training Important For Enterprises?

Corporate training is important for enterprises as it fosters development for the organization and employees. It helps in cultivating a skilled and productive workforce, enhances employee performance, boosts morale, and improves employee retention.
What Sets Liberation Coaches's Corporate Training Program Apart?

Liberation Coaches' corporate program stands out due to its customized approach focusing on leadership communication and emotional intelligence. Catering to more than 45+ industries and having served over 1000 businesses, it integrates modern coaching techniques with practical tools, fostering personal growth and effective team dynamics.
What Skills Are Covered In Liberation Coaches's Corporate Training Program?

Liberation Coaches' management training programs cover numerous skills including leadership development, managerial effectiveness, negotiation skills, advanced leadership, effective communication, conflict resolution, stress management, and time management, fostering a collaborative work environment.
Is There Any Minimum Team Size Requirement For Liberation Coaches's Corporate Training Program?

Liberation Coaches' corporate training program, being one of the best in India, does not have any minimum team size requirement. It is advisable to directly inquire with them for specific details as requirements may vary.
What are management training programs?

Management training programs are educational initiatives designed to improve managerial skills in areas like leadership, decision-making, team building, conflict resolution, and strategic planning. They help in developing future leaders for organizations and are tailor-made according to the needs and requirements.
What makes a manager training program good?

A good manager training program offers practical, relevant content with interactive learning methods and real-world case studies. It includes training in conflict management, strategic planning, employee development, and seeding leadership qualities, featuring expert facilitators and post-training support for continued learning and development.
What are the benefits of Corporate Training?

The benefits of corporate training include improved employee performance, increased job satisfaction, higher employee retention rates, reduced skill gaps, better employee engagement, and overall organizational growth.
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